Wide Belt Sanders

The BULDOG range features a modular construction allowing full customising options including single roller or combination roller and pad for up to three working heads as well as the option for combined top and bottom finishing. Recognised across the globe, the BULDOG range is synonymous with quality when it comes to wide belt sanders. The smaller Cindy and Pony models are some of the most compact in the industry, perfect for smaller machining. The wide belt sander range is topped off with the Duplex model, a serious machine for serious production.


Pony is the smallest wide-area sander produced in Europe with surprising performance and precision. Boasting a 5.5 kW motor, simple operation, small dimensions and wide operating range, the Pony packs a punch for its price.


Cindy is a single sided open wide belt sander designed primarily for sanding window frames and work pieces up to 400mm wide. The open frame provides perfect precision and rigidity, with solid table and height adjustable sanding. 

Buldog 3

The Bulldog 3 wide-band sander has been developed for customers who demand simplicity, reliability and above all quality in all sanding technologies. Buldog 3 machines are designed for sanding and finishing works for solid and veneered surfaces.

Buldog 5

The big brother of the Buldog 3, the Buldog 5 excels in its robustness, reliability and versatility of the combination of sanding aggregates. Buldog 5 can process material up to 1300 mm wide with solid wood, veneered surfaces and varnishes an easy task. 

Buldog 7

The Buldog 7 is engineered for high accuracy high production environments. Featuring a fixed table height and adjustable sanding heads the machine will constantly process material without variation of the working height.

Buldog 9

The Buldog 9 is a robust machine designed for the highest demands on performance and operating load, most suitable for production lines. It cuts up to 1300 mm wide material from solid wood, veneers and varnished surfaces.


The Duplex is a powerful high-performance wide area sander for double-sided sanding up to 1300 mm. The Duplex design machine is based on the Buldog series, while the use of both sides increases work productivity.

Our range is continuing to grow

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